4000 series wish lists
4113 unknown
4118 TG Jack,OllieFilbert with feather headbands carrying food Jack.Ollie,Filbert 1991
4119 HW Bat with pumpkin feeling a little batty unnamed bat 1991
4121 HW Cat in front of full moon unnamed black cat 1991

4139 VD Deer covered with lots of hearts unnamed deer 1991
4146 VD Corky jumping up and down with lots of hearts Corky 1991
4152 E Rabbits coming out of diorama egg unnamed rabbits 1991
4176 MD Suzy hug Lizzie Suzy, Lizzie 1992
4188 GR Stanley Longswallow graduation hat Stanley 1992
4249 TG Lady turkey pilgrim unnamed lady turkey 1992
4252 HW DJ,Herkimer,Ollie pick out pumpkins DJ,Herkimer,Ollie 1992
4254 HW Ritz as skeleton with pumpkin head Ritz 1992
4290 GR Gang throw caps in air Suzy,Ollie,Emily,Rory,Jack 1992
4311 E Suzy carry lilacs Suzy 1992
4312 E Ollie sing Ollie 1992
4337 TG Hazel Nutt with acorns in tree-speculation Hazel 1993
4377 E Corky and 2 rabbits look at sky Uplifting Easter Corky, 2 unnamed rabbits 1993
4400 GR DJ Ducken ride unicycle DJ Ducken
4402 TY Graham in red sweater with backpack I wish every kid Graham
4403 GM Suzy in white gown hold diploma blue background with signs Suzy
4404 GM DJ Ducken ride unicycle DJ Ducken
4406 HW Gang trick or treating with ghosts behind them Suzy,Jack 1994
4408 HW Jack with orange and black paper cutouts to string Jack 1994
4410 TG Suzy with pie on window Suzy 1994
4411 TG Turkey with pilgrim hat unnamed turkey 1994
4426 V Willie hold rose brown boarder I love You Because Willie 1994
4436 V Ritz hold Valentine Teacher I think the world Ritz 1994
4439 E Ollie,Ritz unnamed small bunny chick outside framed by window Ollie,Ritz 1994
4447 E Chick in front of basket full of jelly beans unnamed chick 1994
4499 GR Corky standing on pedestal under Doric columns Corky 1995
4500 GR Ollie in cap and gown keep reaching for the stars Ollie 1995
4731 GM Sally stepping out in graduation gown money card Sally 1996
4732 GM Jack on top of pile of books Jack 1996
4897 VD Ritz hold heart balloons Ritz 1999
4921 MD Lizzie get hug, flowers from Lester Lizzie.Lester 1999

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Wow, out of 1000 cards, I have 965 of them!!!!!
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