Blank cardstock wish list
8210 unknown
8212 unknown
8213 unknown
8218 SN Stanley Longswallow hold rose in mouth Stanley 1989
8219 SN Gilbert lounging on edge of pool Gilbert 1989
8221 SN Ritz pull wagon of flowers Ritz 1989
8224 SN Herkimer draw lines with ink pen
8229 SN Ladybug and leaf boarder
8230 SN orange/yellow flower boarder flowers 1989
8231 SN Blue ribbon with white daisy boarder flowers
8233 SN yellow scallop shells 1989
8238 unknown
8239 unknown
8240 unknown
8246 MC Willie Bear holding stuffed bear coming down stairs
8247 MC Snowdog with cats
8249 SN Natasha in yarn basket
8257 MC Tillamook with stars
8258 MC Graham run with ornies all in hair
8258 MC Graham look up at star
8259 MC Marmalade in box with ribbon cat
8265 IM Suzy and gang peek from behind card with streamers
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