6000 series wish list
6001 VD Corky in shorts with hearts
6002 V or F Frog lying down with thought bubble heart
6003 VD Snail carry heart

6007 VD Elephant blow hearts out of trunk
6008 VD Tiger with white overalls with heart jump up and down
6009 VD White duck running hey Valentine

6011 VD Kangaroo with hearts exploding out of pouch
6012 VD Corky carry string of balloon hearts
6013 V Corky paint heart on shell

6015 V Frog with heart hat
6016 V Mrs. Nestor carry heart
6016 E White Bunny at end of trail
6017 V Snail leaving heart trail
6018 v Corly holding valentinr
6019 V Herkimer stand behind heart
6020 V Beaver with baseball cap hold up heart
6021 V Herkimer lean back on quileted heart pillow
6022 V White cat holding heart on string

6024 V 2 giraffes with rose bouquet
6025 unknown
6026 unknown
6027 unknown
6028 unknown
6029 unknown
6030 unknown

6032 E Rabbit hide eggs in shoes, mouse watching
6033 E lamb jump into air
6034 E Chick exploding out of egg
6034 GR Suzy year 2000 congratulations
6035 E Corky toss egg into air
6036 E Suzy hold basket
6037 MD Doe on blue pillow with red flower behind ear
6038 MD Corky care breakfast tray
6039 MD Kangaroo with joey in pocket
6040 MD Girl yellow duck playing makeup dressup
6041 MD old fashioned mouse hold 3 red flowers
6042 MD Gril frog in yellow dress throw flowers in air
6043 MD Bear hold up pink rose
6044 MD Ginger colored cat mom lick kitten
6045 FD Mallard duck with fishing rod
6046 FD Corky grilling on BBQ
6047 FD Father and son lions in sprting shirts
6048 FD Girl tiger with bubble of daddy tiger
6049 GW Elephant snoozing
6050 GW White duck with pad in hand
6052 TY Old fashioned marmot jump up and down
6055 BC Porcupine family with new baby
6058 F Frog waving hanky goodbye
6059 HB 6 snails happy birthday
6061 F Lion make oops with hair spray
6063 HB Bear dance to music box, frog watch
6065 HB White duck get red zinnia
6067 HB Walrus on rock with red flag
6068 HB Suzy with much sports equipment
6070 HB White duck sing with yellow flower at feet
6071 GW Marmot nurse with bedpan behind back
6072 GW Doctor bear with sick child bear
6073 V Mamot with plaid hearts n thought bubble

6076 V Doctor bear with heart on sleeve

6079 V Snail with giant heart wow

6084 V Back of white rabbit drawing Valentine, bird and snail watching
6085 E Corky dance with chicks
6086 E White rabbit jump up with 2 chicks
6087 E Elephant with purple hat with chicks on it look into mirror
6088 E Frog in shorts paint eggs
6089 E Suzy hold baby ducken with purple bow
6090 E Corky hunt for eggs
6091 E Bear dump out Easter basket and eat
6092 E White hen on nest of Easter eggs
6094 E Rabbit casually toss egg into air leaning on basket
6095 E Suzy,Corky,Jack hatch out of eggs
6096 E White rabbit break off chocolate rabbit ear
6097 unknown
6098 unknown
6099 unknown

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