6100 series wish list-mix of 1970/80/2000

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March 14, 2011, 06:46 PM
6100 series wish list-mix of 1970/80/2000
6101 MD Bear in overalls with hand up unnamed bear 1979
6102 MD Bear in red dress winner sash holding flower unnamed bear 1979
6103 MD Suzy juggling keys and other items Suzy 1979
6104 MD White duck in flour sack dress unnamed white goose 1979
6105 MD Kangaroo with jmany joeys in pocket unnamed kangaroo 1979
6106 MD Mouse with fancy hat on unnamed mouse 1979
6108 FD Bear , tiger, beaver, turtle, duck , marmot in various profession outfits Bear,tiger, beaver, turtle, duck, marmot 1979
6109 FD Bear in yellow shirt that says dad unnamed bear 1979
6114 F Bull and bear on swing with money bag unnamed bull and bear 1979
6140 GM Sally in Grad cap & gown and Class of 2001 balloon mooney card Sally 2001

6147 V mouse as cupid in heart unnamed mouse 1980
6148 V Raccoon in heart unnamed raccoon 1980
6149 V White rabbit in red shirt hold heart unnamed white rabbit 1980
6150 Corky with heart thought balloon Corjy 1980
6151 V Frog hold heart unnamed frog 1980
6152 V Koala with lace heart behind unnamed koala 1980
6153 V Suzy with heart boarder Suzy 1980
6160 F Tiger exercising unnamed tiger 1980
6163 GW Tiger lifting up drink, I drink therefore unnamed tiger 1980
6167 E Chick balance on top of egg stack unnamed chick 1980
6170 E White rabbit in pink purple basket unnamed rabbit 1980
6171 E Corky juggle eggs Corky 1980
6172 E Suzy carry pink egg Suzy 1980
6173 E Snail climb daffodil jelly beans at base unnamed snail 1980
6174 E Mice dressed in Easter best unnamed mice 1980
6175 E 3 white rabbits easter egg roll unnamed rabbits 1980
6176 E White goose discover chocolate egg unnamed goose 1980
6178 E Corky dress up as rabbit Corky 1980
6179 MD Raccoon with handprints in frame gift unnamed raccoon 1980
6182 MD Two koalas hug unnamed koalas 1980
6183 MD White rabbit lounge on blue sofa unnamed white rabbit 1980
6185 FD Corky go fishing carrying tackle Corky 1980
6189 FD Beaver with tool belt unnamed beaver 1980
6190 FD Rory in red sweater sitting on stool with arms crossed Rory 1980

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