6300 series wish list
6300 E Willie is overals running with basket with chick Willie 1982
6306 E Easter bunny in apron inspecting stuffed bunnies unnamed rabbit 1982
6308 E Herkimer holding up dyed Easter egg Herkimer 1982
6309 E Rabbit behing floral print chair with Easter basket unnamed rabbit 1982
6310 E Bears looking in dresser drawers for Easter treats unnamed bears 1982
6316 unknown
6330 unknown
6345 MD Suzy lounge in checked chair with daisy in mouth Suzy 1982
6356 F Suzy shake hands with Corky Suzy,Corky 1982
6366 V Suzy open treasure chest with hearts Suzy 1983
6369 V Bear in red vest eat pink frosted cupcakes unnamed bear 1983
6372 E 4 rabbits of different breeds with Easter basket unnamed rabbits 1983
6373 E Suzy putting on socks finding eggs in shoes Suzy 1983
6374 E Corky dressed as rabbit with chicks hopping around Corky,unnamed chicks 1983
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