500 to 4000 wish list
301 XM Mouse hold package in snow green background
302 XM Camel under mistletoe with present on back green background
303 XM Elephant wrap present green background
304 XM Bear roll out pie green background
305 XM Moose sit in snow puce background
306 XM Tiger dump out stocking green background
307 XM Pelican hang wreath on door
308 XM Squirrel pull sled of goodies blue background
309 XM Bear unstring lights puce background

501 N Tomato pincushion tomato pincushion 1974
502 N Straw hat straw hat 1974
503 N Geranium plant geranium 1976
504 N Grasshopper wear red polka dot shorts unnamed grasshopper 1976
505 N Snail with hearts uunamed snail 1976
506 N Carrot seed marker for garden carrot marker for garden 1976
507 N Sneaker in grass sneaker 1974
508 N Jar of pickles jar of pickles 1974
509 N Spoon holder with wooden spoons and dill spoon holder 1974
510 N Basket of strawberries strawberries 1974
511 N Yellow duck pull toy yellow duck toy 1974
512 N Basket of flowers with yellow duck on top flowers 1974
515 N Gray squirrel hunt peanuts unnamed squirrel 1977
516 N Mouse read mail unnamed mouse 1977
519 N Hippo dancing unnamed hippo 1977
521 N Siamese cat look at snail unnamed Siamese cat 1978
523 N Tiger run with envelope unnamed tiger 1978
528 N Corky write on red stool Corky 1978
533 N porcupine paint picture on easel unnamed porcupine 1978
563 N Mouse at base of ranunculas unnamed mouse 1981

602 HB Frog on lily pad singing unnamed frog
604 GW Snail crawling up red flower unnamed snail
605 F Raccoon in mailbox unnamed raccoon
607 GC Suzy cheerleader Suzy
609 TY Brown and white dog with dog bowl unnamed dog
610 TY Black and white cat unnamed cat
615 Snail in bonnet with purple ribbon at neck unnamed snail
618 F mouse with arms outstretched with flower background unnamed mouse
619 HB Mouse small bouquet of flowers unnamed mouse
625 F Raccoon on stump unnamed raccoon 1976
632 F Frog lying on recliner unnamed frog 1976
638 HB Squirrel in a tree talk up a storm unnamed squirrel 1976
639 HB Donkey lying down in grass unnamed donkey 1976
644 F Two birds talking leaning on brooms unnamed birds 1976
652 F Moose sniff lfower unnamed moose 1977
658 GW Tiger with broken arm unnamed tiger 1977
661 HB Possum paint in red unnamed possum 1977
690 HB Porcupine with balloon unnamed porcupine 1978

801 XM Hugo,Ollie stained glass shepherds Ollie, Hugo
803 XM Gang caroling outside Suzy, Jack, Corky, Hugo, Ollie, Emily,DJ, Herkimer, Chuckie
804 XM Rabbit string popcorn on tree green background unnamed rabbit 1970
805 XM Santa bear putting presents under tree gold background unnamed bear 1970
808 XM Hugo,Suzy,Ollie,Corky look at table nativity Hugo,Suzy,Ollie,Corky
808 XM Elephant with Santa hat green background unnamed elephant 1972
809 XM Willie with mistletoe plaid Willie Bear
809 XM Flying reindeer blue background unnamed reindeet 1972
810 XM Rabbit with snowman green background unnamed rabbit 1972
811 XM Owl family with caps gold background unnamed owls 1972
812 XM 9 old bears in front of tree inspirational 9 old bears 1997
812 XM Corky pull sled full of presents gold background Corky 1972
813 XM Gang in front of outdoor Christmas tree Corky,Ollie,Suzy,Hugo,squirrel 1997
813 XM Santa Bear hanging stocking blue background unnamed bear 1972
814 XM Ollie and Elwood in front of tree with Suzy angel light Ollie,Elwood 1997
814 XM Donkey licking candy cane green background unnamed donkey 1972
815 XM Gang slide trees home on sleds inspirational Ollie,Emily,Suzy,Jack 1997
815 XM Rabbit with red scarf in snow puce background unnamed rabbit 1972
816 XM Ollie and sheep Ollie, unnamed sheep 1997
817 XM Whole gang caroling Corky,Suzy,Herkimer, Jack, Emily, Gustaf,Hugo,Ollie,Gussie, Herkimer,Ritz 1997
819 XM Cocoa Party inspirational Ollie, Elwood,Snowman 1998
820 XM Gang on sofa inspirational Jack,Suzy,Ollie, Corky 1998
820 XM 4 porcupines in family caroling green background unnamed porcupine family 1973
821 XM Holiday Express inspirational 9 old bears 1998
822 XM Gang look at nativity Suzy,Jack,Ollie,Rory 1998
823 XM Ollie and Elwood make Christmas tree in snow inspirtional Ollie, Elwood 1998
823 XM Frog in striped package red background unnamed frog 1973
825 XM Ritz take mail out of mailbox inspirational Ritz 1998
826 XM Suzy as angel topper inspirational Suzy
827 XM Dottie Dauchshund inspirational Dottie
828 XM Bell ringers inspirational Bell ringers
829 XM Reindeer couple inspirational reindeer couple
830 XM Gang carol with candles inspirational Hugo,Suzy,Ollie,Herkimer
831 XM Simone under tree inspirational Simone
832 XM Frog on stool white background unnamed frog 1975
833 XM Bear holding up tie white background unnamed bear
835 XM Mouse with white hat and basket white background unnamed mouse 1975
836 XM Corky riding camel white background Corky 1975
837 XM Mouse stringing popcorn white background unnamed mouse 1975
838 XM Corky pulling sled with tree white background Corky 1975
847 XM Turtle, Frog , mouse bake cookies puce background unnamed turtle,frog,mouse 1977
848 XM Turtle address cards puce background unnamed turtle 1977
849 XM Raccoon couple carrying presents green backgound unnamed raccoons 1977
851 XM Frog drive old car open top with presents blue background unnamed frog 1977
852 XM 2 Marmots in tree hollow with presents green background unnamed marmots 1977
854 XM Polar bear and raccoon decorate tree blue background unnamed polar bear and raccoon 1977
855 XM Snail on sled blue background unnamed snail 1977
856 XM gang caroling white background 1977
857 XM Corky mail Christmas envelopes Corky 1978
858 XM Turtle raccoon bear beaver around campfire white background unamed Turtle raccoon bear beaver 1978
859 XM Corky pullingMice on sled singing white background Corky, unnamed mice 1978
860 XM Cats dreaming of treats unnamed cat 1978
861 XM Corky putting on Santa suit Corky 1978
862 XM Squirrels build nut wreath unnamed squirrels 1978
863 XM Polar bear inspect ornaments unnamed polar bear 1978
864 XM Donkey,sheep, rabbits look into manger unnamed donkey,sheep, rabbits 1979
864 XP Willie bear in corners match holiday express photo card Willie Bear
865 XM Herkiner as angel Herkimer 1979

868 XM Bear on rocking horse unnamed bear and rocking horse 1979
870 XM DooDah,Corky,Suzy,Herkimer carry presents DooDah,Corky,Suzy,Herkimer 1979
871 XM Camel, lamb, robin, white duck as nativity Camel, lamb, robin, white duck 1979
873 XM Polar bear Santa with baby animals 1980
874 XM Gangs back to candles 1980
875 XM Animals make snowman 1980
876 XM Mice dance around white cat 1980
880 XM Suzy make paper chains for tree Suzy 1981
882 XM Corky carry Poinsettias white background Corky 1981
883 XM bears at table eating unnamed bears 1981
883 XM Ollie Conduct Orchestra (?), maybe 885
886 XM Mice Decorate Cookies unnamed mice
887 XM Corky Ring Bell (?) Corky
888 XM Bear Candelabra unnamed bears
890 XM Ollie Painting Ollie
891 XM Corky Find Gifts Wooden Shoes Corky
893 XM Nativity
894 XM Corky open present boots Corky 1982
896 XM Elephant Jog unnamed elephant 1983
897 XM Bear Bake Springerle unnamed bear 1983
898 XM Suzy Jack Elephant Decorate Tree Suzy, Jack, unnamed elephant 1983
899 XM Suzy JackGolf Suzy,Jack

1126 GT large Christmas gift tag old fashioned Corky eating cookie old fashioned Corky 1973
1127 GT large Christmas gift tag Tiger hanging stocking old fashioned tiger 1973
1128 GT large Christmas Gift tag Ducken in green outfit old fashioned Suzy 1973
1129 GT Bear in reg wagon unnamed bear 1973
1130 GT Large Christmas Gift tag rabbit behind red striped box unna,ed rabbit 1973
1131 GT Large Christmas gift tag snowman snowman 1973
1132 GT large Christmas gift tag frog eating candy cane unnamed frog 1973
1133 GT large Christmas gift tag mouse with holly ears unnamed mouse 1973

3425 E Suzy hold tulip/daffodil bouquet Suzy 1993
3426 E White rabbit hold painted egg unnamed white rabbit 1993
3427 E Corky dressed up as Easter rabbit Corky 1993
3429 E Baby duck break out of shell and quack unnamed baby duck 1993
3431 HB Suzy carry big zinnias stand up Suzy 1993

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are you looking for any of the 400 series?
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I actually own all the 400 series. Of the original cards, I only need the crab which is N108.

Is there anything you are looking for? I have lots of stuff to trade!
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Sorry I don't have the n108. If I see one around I will let you know.
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Is there anything you are looking for?
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No not at this time, but thanks. This site is great, sorry I didn't know about it sooner! Do you know when they will have the SZ site up and running again?
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I am supposed to talk to Maureen at HQ tomorrow, so I'll see what she says.
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Please keep me/us updated! Nice to see you have an "in" with them. I noticed a post regarding a vintage sale they had a few years ago, do you know if they might be having another, or is there anyway to get some of their vintage items?
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No plans for anything anytime soon....rats!
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