6200 series wish list
6240 V Simone cat with heart Simone 1981
6241 V Corky hold big heart Corky 1981
6242 V Raccon tend heart shaped flowers unnamed raccoon 1981
6244 V Herkimer painting heart Herkimer 1981
6245 V Jack hold Valentine Jack 1981
6249 V Mouse holding lace valentine above head unnamed mouse 1981
6251 E Suzy artist paint egg Suzy 1981

6252 F Suzy peek from behind blue door hold red poppy Suzy
6254 E Suzy,Jack hide behind rows of zigzag eggs Suzy,Jack 1981
6255 E Easter Rabbit jump in air with basket unnamed rabbit 1981
6256 E Corky as Easter rabbit wearing bunny slippers Corky 1981
6257 E Bear juggle rainbow eggs unnamed bear 1981
6258 E Easter Rabbit in vest put on hat Unnamed rabbit 1981
6261 E Suzy buried in mountain of eggs Suzy 1981
6262 E Rabbit peek out from behind daffodils unnamed white rabbit 1981

6266 MD White duck fold laundry unnamed white duck 1981
6267 MD White rabbit in pink apron hold up Mother's Day award unnamed rabbit 1981

6269 FD Corky lean on tire Father's Day Corky 1982
6271 FD Tiger in hammock unnamed tiger 1982
6273 FD Leopard in lounge chair unnamed leopard 1982
6288 V Marmot stinging up heart garlands unnamed marmot 1982
6295 V Corky punching heart balloon into air Corky 1982

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