6400 series wish list
6457 V Bunny with heart in front unnamed rabbit 1984
6460 V Elephant holding heart in trunk unnamed elephant 1984
6461 V Kirby Harrington hold Valentine in mouth red striped background Kirby Harrington 1984
6464 V Suzy in front of heart and school paper Suzy 1984
6466 V Marmot hold valentine to chest unnamed marmot 1984
6467 V Tiger drive red car unnamed tiger 1984
6468 V Bear couple greet at door with Valentine unnamed bear couple 1984
6470 SP Sheep in green hat unnamed sheep 1984
6472 SP Corky,Ollie,Jack in St Pat's outfits Corky,Ollie,Jack 1984
6473 SP Ollie dressed as leprechan Ollie 1984

6476 E Suzy paint herself on purple egg Suzy 1984
6477 E Rabbit jump with tulip unnamed rabbit 1984

6486 E Rabbits look at sunrise,baby rabbits in sleeping bags unnamed rabbits 1984

6493 FD 2 leopards hugging unnamed leopards 1984

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