Gibson cards
Need lots of help filling in the blanks on these!

BG 001-4470 Suzy peek out door with balloons glossy
BG 001-4471 Corky with balloons glossy
BG 020-0048 Old fashioned Herkimer blow out candle glossy
BG 020-0049 Suzy and Willie with daisies glossy
BG 062-0032 Old fashioned Herkimer with red anemone glossy
BJ 001-0693 Gang with balloons glossy
BJ 001-0694 Rabbit put sash on Stanley glossy round edge
BJ 160-0535 Suzy on swing glossy
BJ 170-0528 Corky with camera glossy
BJ 170-0529 Stanley with balloons glossy
CG 121-0028 Willie with chicken soup glossy
CG 121-0029 Polly with watering can daisy boarder glossy
DF 108-0010 Suzy give Emily a present glossy
EO 1381 Suzy Hug Maude glossy
EO 5051 White rabbit glossy
HD 025-0769 Ollie on top of leaf pile glossy
HF 025-0417 Baby bear with bear mobile glossy
NF 025-0852 Suzy hug Emily glossy
NF 275-0187 Gilbert pig with blue flowers glossy
NN 101-0022 Suzy peek out door with balloons glossy
NN 101-0024 Mouse hold anemone glossy
NN 101-0029 Suzy with Willie and daisies glossy
NN 101-0033 Willie bear's best buddy by cupcake glossy
NN 101-0036 Polly, Suzy, Emily, Tillamook lily pads glossy
NN 101-0037 Ollie pocket full of stars glossy
NN 105-0023 Polly sit on fence glossy
NN 120-0012 Witzy in hammock held up by balloons glossy
NP 700-0307 Ollie on stepping stones glossy
NP 700-0308
NP 700-0309
NP 700-0310 Corky open door glossy
NP 700-0311 Suzy next to sunflower glossy
NP 700-0312 Suzy look out window at stars glossy
NP 700-0313
NP 700-0314
NP 700-0315
NP 700-0316
NP 700-0317 Ollie with balloons glossy
NP 700-0318
NP 700-0319
NP 700-0320 Emily and Suzy walking with ice cream cone glossy
NP 700-0321
NP 700-0322
NP 700-0323
NP 700-0324 Violet pick flowers in woods glossy
NP 700-0325
NP 700-0326 Grandma Gussie and Suzie flower cart glossy
NP 700-0327 Suzy with daisy trellis glossy
NP 700-0328
NP 700-0329 Tillamook ballerina glossy
NP 700-0330
NP 700-0331 Rabbit put sash on Stanley glossy
NP 700-0332
NP 700-0333 Old fashioned Herkimer blow out candle glossy
NP 700-0334 Old fashioned Herkimer with red anemone glossy
NP 700-0335 Stanly popping head out of balloons glossy
NP 700-0336
NP 700-0337 Corky with balloons glossy
NP 700-0338
NP 700-0339 Suzy with Willie and daisies glossy
NP 700-0340 Corky with camera glossy
NP 700-0341
NP 700-0342 Herkimer rush to dive into cake diecut
NP 700-0343 Ritz with present diecut
NP 700-0343Y Ritz with present glossy
NP 700-0344
NP 700-0345
NP 700-0346 Hugo in red convertible diecut
NP 700-0347 Gang in rollar coaster diecut
NP 700-0348 Suzy carry rose diecut
NP 700-0349 Jupiter carry big present diecut
NP 700-0350 Ollie pocket full of stars diecut
NP 700-0351 Suzy push wheelbarrow diecut
NP 700-0351Y Suzy push wheelbarrow glossy
NP 700-0352 Ritz hold ranunculas diecut
NP 700-0353 Lizzie daisy boarder diecut
NP 700-0354 Ollie with giant ice cream cone diecut
NP 700-0355 Ollie with hands in pockets diecut
NP 700-0356 Suzy and Lizzie eat lunch diecut
NP 700-0357 Suzy hug Lizzie diecut
NP 700-0358 Livingston blow out cake candles diecut
NP 700-0359
NP 700-0360 Jack as baseball slugger diecut
NP 700-0361 Jack birthday kid diecut
NP 700-0362 Jack holding up huge cake diecut
NP 700-0363 Polly fairy diecut
NP 700-0364 Rory cowboy diecut
NP 700-0365 Camel carry cake diecut
NP 700-0366 Corky with balloons diecut
NP 700-0367 Suzy golf diecut
NP 700-0368 Fossie frog jumping diecut
NP 700-0369 Suzy with Dottie feed Stanley ice cream diecut
NP 700-0370 Hugo MVP diecut
NP 700-0371 Rory with birthday soccer ball diecut
NP 700-0372 Corky open banner diecut
NP 700-0373 Ollie on stepping stones diecut
NP 700-0374 Suzy and sunflowers diecut
NP 700-0375 Suzy look out window at stars diecut
NP 700-0376 Jack with exploding present diecut
NP 700-0377
NP 700-0378 Ollie with balloons diecut
NP 700-0379 Ollie with giant bouquet diecut
NP 700-0379Y Ollie with giant bouquet glossy
NP 700-0380 Martha by tree stump house diecut
NP 700-0381 Suzy with daisy trellis glossy
NP 700-0382 Tillamook ballerina diecut
NP 700-0383 Rabbit put sash on Stanley diecut
NP 700-0384 Old fashioned Herkimer blow out candle diecut
NP 700-0385 Old fashioned Herkimer with red anemone diecut
NP 700-0386
NP 700-0387
NP 700-0388 Corky carry camera diecut
NP 700-0389 Kirby Harrington and balloon diecut
NP 700-0399
NP 710-0018 Suzy Uh-oh glossy
NP 710-0019 Corky with deflated balloons diecut
NP 710-0020 Jack with roses clap hand to forehead diecut
NP 710-0021 Ollie chase after loose balloon diecut
NP 710-0022 Suzy Uh-oh diecut
NP 715-0010 Gang with balloons Happy Birthday diecut
NP 715-0011 Gang singing diecut
NP 715-0012 Gang at long table Happy Birthday diecut
NP 715-0013 Gang Happy Birthday diecut
NP 717-0010 Baby girl duck first birthday diecut
NP 717-0011 Baby bear 1st Birthday diecut
NP 720-0026 Suzy water plants glossy
np 720-0027 Lizzie in beach chair glossy
NP 720-0028 Grandma Gussie with iris glossy
NP 720-0035 Suzy on phone diecut
NP 720-0038 Suzy give Tillamook daisy diecut
NP 720-0040 Suzy with sunflowers by mailbox diecut
NP 720-0041 Suzy in red dress,have I ever told you diecut
NP 720-0042 Suzy before you go diecut
NP 720-0043 Suzy in red jumper with gingham edged shirt diecut
NP 720-0045 Old fashioned mouse in ranunculas diecut
NP 720-0046 Suzy hug Tucker diecut
NP 720-0047 Suzy look under Kirby Harrington's fur diecut
NP 720-0047Y Suzy look under Kirby Harrington's fur glossy
NP 720-0048 Stanley and Dottie diecut
NP 720-0049
NP 720-0050
NP 720-0051
NP 720-0052
NP 720-0053
NP 720-0054
NP 720-0055
NP 720-0056 Corky mail letter diecut
NP 720-0057 Rory you're the greatest diecut
NP 720-0058 Polly sit on fence diecut
NP 720-0059 Ribert Hullo diecut
NP 720-0060 Gilbert pig with blue flowers diecut
NP 730-0023 Suzy in pink dress jumping up glossy
NP 730-0024 Suzy hold diploma diecut
NP 730-0025 Jack jump up with confetti diecut
NP 730-0026 Rory lift weights diecut
NP 730-0027 Suzy cheerleader diecut
NP 730-0028 Suzy stand on star diecut
NP 730-0029 Suzy skipping in pink dress diecut
NP 740-0025 Bear couple hug glossy
NP 740-0026 Bear couple snuggle on bed glossy
NP 740-0027 Ollie and Martha snuggle diecut
NP 740-0028 Ollie and Martha in formal wear diecut
NP 740-0029 Jack and Suzy with maracas diecut
NP 740-0030 Elephants in hammock diecut
NP 770-0031 Hugo and wife hug diecut
NP 740-0032 Bear couple snuggle on bed diecut
NP 745-0010 Jack and Suzy bride and groom diecut
NP 745-0011 Ollie and Martha in balloon diecut
NP 750-0025 Witzy in shower glossy
NP 750-0026 Baby bear with bear mobile glossy
NP 750-0027 Baby duck on scale diecut
NP 750-0028 Baby marmot in sunflower diecut
NP 750-0029 Baby girl duck in diaper diecut
NP 750-0030 Baby bear in baseball cap diecut
NP 750-0031 Baby bunny pink diecut
NP 750-0032 Witzy in shower diecut
NP 755-0010 Corky move with wagon diecut
NP 755-0011 Jack and Suzy wallpaper diecut
NP 755-0012 Gang in house diecut
NP 755-0013 Suzy carry boxes diecut
NP 760-0015 Suzy wind blown diecut
NP 760-0016 Grandma Gussie with iris diecut
NP 760-0017 Suzy with coffee mug diecut
NP 760-0018 Suzy hold bouquet diecut
NP 760-0019 Rowf and Lovey patching diecut
NP 760-0020Y Violet read letter by mailbox glossy
NP 760-0021 Suzy thinking at dest diecut
NP 760-0022 Suzy scrapbooking diecut
NP 760-0023 Willie with heart diecut
NP 760-0024 Corky give daisy to Zippadee diecut
NP 760-0025 Suzy hug baby duck doll diecut
NP 760-0025Y Suzy hug baby duck doll glossy
NP 760-0026 Suzy in red jumper hold daisy diecut
np 760-0027
NP 760-0028 Corky and Ollie fish off bridge diecut
NP 760-0029 Ollie with older turtle diecut
NP 760-0030 Otter sniff violets diecut
NP 760-0031 Ollie on swing looking sad diecut
NP 760-0032 Corky carry bag of treats diecut
NP 769-0033 Lizzie in beach chair diecut

NP 770-0017 Ollie on top of green leaf pile glossy
NP 770-0018
NP 770-0019
NP 770-0020 Suzy as angel diecut
NP 770-0021 Suzy arms in air sunflower hat diecut
NP 770-0022 Suzy with green daisy boarder diecut
NP 770-0023 Suzy with thanks heart glossy
NP 770-0024 Rory thank-you diecut
NP 770-0025 Suzy shake Corky's hand diecut
NP 770-0026 Simone thank-you diecut
NP 770-0027 Ollie in red overalls flowers by feet diecut
NP 770-0028 Suzy chef diecut
NP 770-0029 Ollie on top of green leaf pile diecut
NP 780-0024 Violet with hanky diecut
NP 780-0025 Ritz hug bear diecut
NP 780-0026 Ritz carry tulips diecut
NP 780-0027 Suzy in flowers diecut
NP 780-0028 Gang with roses diecut
NP 780-0029 Suzy hold pillow diecut
NP 780-0030 White duck ladle soup diecut
NP 780-0031 Ollie with booboos diecut
NP 780-0032 Ritz hold up pot of purple flowers diecut
NP 780-0033 Ritz in wagon diecut
NP 780-0034Y Mouse thinking glossy
NP 785-0011 Suzy walk through daisy field diecut
NP 785-0012Y Snail crawl up daisy glossy
NP 785-0013 Hugo hug another bear diecut
NP 785-0013Y Hugo hug another bear glossy
NP 785-0014 Suzy hug marmot diecut
NP 785-0015 Livingston Huge hugs diecut
NP 785-0016 Graham blow dandalion diecut
NP 785-0017 Suzy hug teddy diecut
NP 785-0018 Ollie hug stuffed white rabbit diecut
NP 785-0019 Suzy pray next to bed diecut
NP 785-0020 Suzy and Martha backs facing beach diecut
NP 785-0021 Suzy cross fingers diecut

Xmas 56542 Gang walking by luminaries caroling matte embossed
xmas 56562 3 Wise Ducks matte embossed
Xmas 56582 Corky,Jack,Suzy by fireplace matte embossed
xmas 56592 Gang caroling matte embossed
Thanksgiving 42578-001 Jack, Suzy, Ollie in leaves glossy
Thanksgiving 46456 E-62 Grandma Gussie pick over veges at stand glossy
Halloween 42592 E-8 Willie dressed as pumpkin glossy
Halloween 42593 E-8 Gang look out window glossy

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It was the coolest thing. Someone who was selling on ebay, came to the board, looked at the old list, helped me fill in blanks and sold me a bunch of cards. How cosmic is that!!!!!!
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Awesome!! Repayment for your generous spirit!!!
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