Suzy's Zoo books
Have books on both English and German-the German ones listed do not have an English equivalent

Alphabetical Soup
Baby's Book, the First Tender Years
Back to School? Cool!
Badespaß mit Witzy
Ellie's Tea Party
Expectations-a book in braille
Fall is for Friends
Friends Forever
Helping out Day? Hooray!
Malspaß mit Witzy
Malspaß mit Witzy und ihren Freunden
My Little Book of Prayer
My Little Book of Thanks
Rainy Day Friends
Stormy Weather? Stick Together!
Trick or Treat? Neat!
Who's Laughing
Witzy and Zoom Zoom
Witzy auf Abenteurreuse
Witzy badet gern
Witzy's Backyard Easter Hunt
Witzy's Block Party
Witzy's Book of Words
Witzy's Colorful Garden
Witzy's Colors
Witzy die Kleine Ente Mein Vorschulbuch
Witzy die Kleine Ente
Witzy feiert ein Fest
Witzy groß und klein
Witzy hat keine Angst im Dunkeln
Witzy's Numbers
Witzy's Opposites
Witzy plantscht
Witzy Plays Hide and Seek
Witzy sagt NEIN
Witzy's Shapes
Witzy spielt
Witzy to the Rescue
Witzy und Ihre Freunde
Witzy malt
Witzy's Winter Wonderland
Witzy Wonders
Witzy zählt
Witzys Zahnputzparty
You Fit the Bill for a Perfect Friend
You're One Cool Cat
You're One Hot Diggity Dog

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Suzy's Book of Holiday Happiness
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Thanks ladies, I forgot about those, and there is also a Current booklet I need to pull out and get the title of
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Hi Pat,

I just found the booklet.. and it comes with a matching envelope. I was putting this away to someday give to DD.. the last pages says, "I love being your friend and your MOM". I tried to post a pic... but my image exceeds the limit... I have to ask DH how to change the camera settings.


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