dolls for sale
hi, i'm new to the board, or actually old, but it's been a realllly long time. i've been collecting suzy's zoo since the 70's. we are moving and need to down size some of our things. i have 4 - in the package - of the little suzy's zoo dolls, dressed in LSZ footie jammies. each with their night time stuffed animal. one boof, one witzy, one patches, and one lulla. and then i also have the baby dolls, dressed in polka dot outfits with LSZ on the clothes. i would like to sell them, but wanted to do it here instead of ebay so i know that they will go to a good home. i'm not sure how to put pictures on here yet. but if you email me, i can always send the picture back to you.
thanks for your consideration. alicia
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