Suzy's Zoo Stickers
Hi Suzy Fans!

We have the 5 styles of Stickers that were made for Japan in stock. They are off the roll only. "Happy Halloween to everyone!" Stickers should be coming out next year but will post on our site as we find out more; more new greeting cards in the works. Can't wait for the Rugs too!

Tammy Smiler
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Why is Suzy merchandise so hard to find these days? About 3 years ago I would drive out to my favorite little store that was FULL of Suzy. Now it's really difficult. My mom and I LOVE the stationery and stickers!
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The company split into parts a few years back and last year the printing part went out of business, and they have spent a while finding a new company to print cards and stickers.
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I love the Suzy's stationary , I will be awaiting for the new sticker's for my kids .

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