90000 series sticker list
90001 Multi Clownin' around!, Halloween Fun!, ROAR-RRRRRR!, Trick or Treat!, Penelope Clown, Ollie Lion, Pumpkin patch, Jack o'lantern, Candy coated Frame
90002 Border Pumpkin Patch
90003 Multi Fall is for Friends! - Suzy & Emily walking in fall x 2, Squirrel on stump, 3 Fall leaves
90004 Border? Leaves & Acorns?
90005 Merry Christmas! - Davy Raccoon, Holly
90006 Dancin' and Prancin'!, Happy Christmas! - Polar Bear w/hat
90007 Multi Rockin' around!, Happy Holidays!, Have a fun Christmas! - 3 Dancing Polar Bears
90008 Multi Irid Merry Christmas!, Lighting up the Holidays! - Tree w/bears, 2 Stars, Christmas Lights Frame
90009 Multi Irid Suzy Christmas Angel, 2 Star clusters, Starry Frame
90010 Border Holly & Leaves
90011 Thinking of You! - Emily Marmot w/basket of flowers
90012 Thank You! - Penelope Porcupine
90013 Waahooooooo! - Jack Quacker skateboarding
90014 Girl, You've got sass! - Cornelia O'Plume dressed in pink
90015 Multi Thinking of you, Lots of cheer! - Willie Bear w/flowers, Blue stripe & flower Frame
90016 Multi Suzy, Emily w/basket of muffins, 4 Flower stickers, 3 Ladybugs
90017 Multi LSZ so cute!, Oh, Baby! - 2 Bibs, 2 Books, 3 Crayon stickers, Drawing, 2 Shoes, Blocks, Duckie
90018 Multi A hiking we will gooo… - Corky hiking geared up, Lantern, Raccoon by fire, Camping tent
90019 Border Happy Days Flowers
90020 Border Cakes & Presents
90021 Border Sally's Flowers
90022 Border LSZ Blocks
90023 Happy Valentine's Day! - Suzy w/valentine
90024 Thinking of you! - Bear w/flowers, Hearts
90025 Multi Happy Valentine's Day!, Sweet hearts - Suzy & Jack holding hands, 3 Hearts
90026 Multi LSZ Bear hugs!, (heart) u, Happy Day!, Hi there!, Happy (heart)'s Day! - Lovey Bear x 4
90027 Multi Irid Happy Hearts!, Lots 'n lots of love!, Sweet wishes to you!, Happy wishes! - Polly blowing heart bubbles, 4 Hearts
90028 Border Candy Hearts
90029 SZ Some-bunny loves you! - Boof Bear & Lula Bunny hugging, Heart
90030 God Bless! - Suzy sitting on rock w/bunny (Painted background)
90031 Multi Happy Spring! Happy Easter! x 2 - Bunny w/flower, Bunny w/paint brush, Bunny, 15 colored dots
90032 Multi Easter Joy! - Jack, Suzy, Tillamook, Ritz, Herkimer w/baskets, Lizzie? In window, Witzy & Lula dancing, Herkimer holding tulip
90033 Multi Irid 8 Easter egg stickers, Basket w/eggs, Little chick w/egg
90034 Border Easter Eggs
90035 Queen - Lizzie Ducken w/robe/crown/flowers
90036 You're a special lady! - Simone the Perfect cat sitting on a pillow, Flower
90037 Multi Armloads of love, You're the Best!, Thinking of you!, Just for you! - Suzy w/flowers, Willie Bear w/rose, Ollie Marmot w/note & flower, Ritz? w/tray of food, 2 Butterflies, Flower
90038 What fun! - Hugo Bear Dad & Homer boy piggyback
90039 Multi Dad! - Ollie Marmot Sr. & Ollie Jr., Hugo Bear, Tiger Dad as coach, Tiger Dad napping in chair
90040 Congrats!, Very cool! - Kelly Penguin (looks more like Opportunity Al Penguin) w/diploma
90041 Way to go Grad! - Suzy in grad clothes
90042 Multi Awesome Grad!, Outstanding!, Star Graduate! - Sally Ducken w/diploma/flowers, Willie Bear w/diploma, Rory Tiger Picture, Ollie Marmot w/books/confetti, Diploma
90043 High Five!, Good game! - Corky & Jack High fiving
90044 Multi You are the BEST! - Suzy w/backpack, Apple w/note, 2 Apple patches, 2 Apples
90045 WaW Round Dottie Dalmation dog, Round 2 gray Kitties
90046 Hello! - Bear w/daisies
90047 Multi My Garden, Suzy in garden w/arms full of flowers , Garden fence, Garden signs: Oregano, Tomato, Thyme, Basil, Nasturtium, Sage, & Parsley, Butterfly, Basket of garden plants
90048 Multi I (heart) Frogs! ribbet x 7, riiibbet! X 3 - 12 Frogs
90049 Multi Sweet thoughts!, A Happy Hello!, Thinking of you!, Happy Day! - Suzy x4, 15 Strawberries
90050 Multi Irid Lots of balloons: Kirby sheepdog, Ollie Marmot, Willie Bear, Corky, Suzy
90051 Multi Irid LSZ All dressed up!, Little Princess, my Prince! - Lula as princess looking in mirror w/frog, Lula kissing frog, Lula w/prince duck Witzy, 3 Flowers, Heart, Dragonfly
90052 Border Strawberries
90053 Border Flower Garlands
90054 Border Frogs
90055 Have fun! - Boris cat w/jack o'lantern bucket & bat hat
90056 Multi Happy Halloween!, get lots of candy! party time! trick or treat!, all dressed up! - Mandy butterfly, Corky clown, Suzy witch, Herkimer theif, Herkimer? Wizard, Jack scarecrow, Emily in feather hat
90057 Grateful! - Hazel? Nutt on pile of nuts
90058 Multi WaW woof! - Brown & white dog x 4, 14 Fall leaves
90059 WaW Meowy Christmas! - Simone the Perfect, Ball, Mouse
90060 A note of Cheer! - Bear singing, 5 Music notes
90061 Multi WaW Multi - Purrr…, Warm and Cozy!, Merry Christmas! - Simone the Perfect cat sleeping on pillow, Simone w/candy cane, Bell, Yarn, 2 Gifts, 2 Ornaments, Candy cane,
90062 Multi Fa-la-la-la! X2, 5 Singing Bears stickers, 6 Music notes
90063 Border String of Lights
90064 LSZ Best Wishes! - Witzy w/flowers, Tickle bug
90065 SZ Showers of love! - Boof? Bear on pile of clothes
90066 Multi LSZ You Tickle Me!, Flowers for You!, Make a Wish!, Happy Wishes! - Witzy w/flowers, Witzy blowing wishing puff, Bouquet, Wishing Puff, 4 Tickles, 4 Flowers
90067 Multi I love ballet!, Bravo!, Ta-da! - Tillamook Mouse ballet x4, Bouquet, Ballet shoes
90068 Multi WaW Happy Birthday, Princess!, Princess, Pretty as a picture, Brains and Beauty! - White Poodle Princess on chair, Birthday cake w/bone candles, Poodle Picture, Poodle on chair
90069 Multi Go! Go! Go!, Make it a Home Run!, BASEBALL is my game!, SLIDE!, Batter up! - 4 Homer? Bears playing baseball: Running, Catching, Batting, Sliding, Ball, Hat
90072 - Bear holding out arms with red shirt that says <3 u on it. Love you.
90073-Herkimer hold single rose
90074 - Multi Valentine with Suzy in heart, Cat in front of heart, Ollie Holding heart, Bear hugging heart.
90078 Single Easter- White rabbit hold Easter egg
90079-Single Easter Witzy in basket
90080 - Multi Easter with Rabbit holding Egg, basket of eggs with a chick in front of it, Hello!, Have a colorful Easter!
90084 - Aloha Polar Bear with yellow flowers. Holding a drink with an umbrella.
90089-Single Willie hold diploma
90091-Multi graduation
90092-Willie in green overalls, I love school
90093-Multi School days
90094 - Poodle on pink cushion "Simply fabulous!"
90095-Emily hold basket of flowers Thinking of you-single
90096 - Baxter "Oh Happy Day!"
90097-Suzy in red overalls with hands on hips
90098-Multi exuberant characters, make it a happy day
90099 - Wags and Whiskers various puppy and kitten faces. bark bark! meow! bow wow! purrrrrrr WOOF! mew! ruff!
90100-Multi flowers
90101 - Multi Glamour Poodles. Shimmer, glitz, glamour, sparkle, shine.
90102 Multi Birthday iridescent
90103 Single Willie as pirate Halloween
90104 Multi frog princess
90105Single Suzy wink at Thanksgiving table
90106 Multi Thanksgiving squirrels and pumpkins
90107-Single Hugo Santa
90108-Single Suzy hide present behind back Christmas
90109-Multi Christmas Hugo as Santa
90110-Multi Christmas Merry Noel
90111-Corky hands above head "yah!"-single
90112-Suzy in red overalls carry violets single
90113-Multi-several characters congratulations
90114 Doing the wiggle dance multi
90115 Corky in multiple poses-multi sticker sheet
90116 Mitch the dog on ottoman Valentine
90117 Graham with heart behind back
90118 Polly with hearts multi Valentine
90119 Sally with hearts multi Valentine
90120 Chick in grass HI there-single
90121 Easter multi-egg hunting
90122 Youth bear hug mama bear single
90123 Herkimer carry pink flowers single
90124 Multi Mother’s Day
90125 Jack golfing-single
90126 Sally in grad gown with balloon single
90127 Multi graduation
90128 Suzy carry apple green school dress-single
90129 Multi underwater scene
90130 Witzy hug Patches-single
90131 Jack ride bike carry balloons-single
90132 Sally in pink waving-single
90133 Multi Witzy and flowers
90134 Multi-polar bears, dancing, Corky, Corinne
90136 Sally as fairy princess single Halloween
90137 Multi Halloween costumes and pumpkins
90138 Lizzie and Lester walking Thanksgiving single
90139 Multi Thanksgiving Herkimer with leaves, Ollie eating, Suzy&Emily,raccoon
90140 Bruce the moose Christmas single
90141 DJ play sax Christmas single
90142 Multi Christmas woodland animals
90143 Multi Christmas bears/cookies, Ollie jumping, Suzy, Willie build village
90144 Patches Happy birthday!
90145Suzy head with daisies Thank-you single
90146 Birthday multiple Suzy, Rory, presents
90147 Congratulations multiple
90148 Valentines Glitter Card Stock
90149 Easter Glitter card stock
90150 Thinking of you Hugo, Suzy, Corky, Ollie-2010
90151 God Bless Herkimer-2010
90156 School multi learning is fun-2010
20159-Thinking of you-multi-2010
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Thanks so much for posting this! I got Mom's all organized in order for her now and she is only missing 90142 and the ones after 90147! Wow! Quite a wonderful collection! She will love having them all in order and her inventory updated. You are a gem for sharing this, Pat. But then we already knew that! Thanks, friend!
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